NeoVikings move about the world freely; it costs them nothing, and they live in complete comfort the whole way.  Their floating homes provide their electricity, hot and cold fresh water, refrigeration and farming.  They carry cars and trucks aboard and can back up to a beach or boat launch to loard or unload, and they do all this without a drop of fuel. “NeoViking” refers to a way of life, much like the words “nomad,” or “urban resident,” not a political, social, ethnic, or religious group.  The Constellation of Orion is our symbol, because we’re going, eventually, to the stars.  We have to go to sea to get there.  If we can’t live at sea, we can’t live in space, period.  Before we can live at sea, we have to learn to live “mobile.” NeoVikings are several free peoples who are moving to live in such a way that the New World Order, the Old World Order, and Any Damned World Order They Come Up With won’t be able to touch us.  We’ve developed all the technology, social principles, and governmental principles necessary to evade the police state, and escape its grasp wherever in the world it may reach for us, while living healthy, happy, prosperous lives. To become a NeoViking, you begin as a Terraformer.  After an engagement in the Terraformers, one has demonstrated their commitment to a vibrant, clean, growing world, and Launches in their own LifeYacht as a NeoViking.  There is nothing “greener” than the NeoViking lifestyle, yet we have all the comfort and freedom one could wish. NeoVikings move about the world freely, without having to buy fuel for the journey, and begin using the same power the International Power Brokers use: the power of being between the nations, able to move freely, and not Stationary Targets.  Lots of “preppers” are spending a lot of time and money becoming stationary targets.  Read a bit; there’s no future in it, and there hasn’t been since World War 1. For two thousand years, at least, our people have been moving West.  The only times we fell into fighting each other, or fighting others, is when we ran out of “West,” and frankly, got bored. We didn’t run out of “West.”  We ran out of land.  We had to pause for a while, and during our wait, we learned a lot about what not to do when we feel like forming a “nation.”  Now that the technologies have been developed, we can resume our march Westward.  This time, “West” means “over water.”  We don’t need new land.  We know how to build it, now. When we run out of “West,” we’ll go Up.  We may not even wait until we’re out of “West.”  We have the technology now to move into the sky, then once we’re there in numbers, Low Earth Orbit.  We’ll have some work to do after that to reach High Earth Orbit. but we’re smart people, we can do it.  After that come the planets, mining the asteroids, bringing ice floes from Saturn’s rings so we don’t have to bring it up from the’s a big universe, and our governments will not take us there.  We’ll have to go there ourselves. In fact, we’re looking at a worldwide disastrous population drop in the next  few generations.  It’s already a done deal.  Forces have already been set in motion, and are already past their tipping points, so that wholesale destruction is inevitable.  If you’re one for Bible prophecy, you can forget the idea that we’re in the End Times.  There are many prophecies that have to happen first, if the End Times prophecies are to be considered valid.  Start with Isaiah 24, which tells us clearly of wholesale worldwide population reduction followed by a renaissance which is brought about by people who live at sea. When mankind first invented farming, it was in the lowest valleys, which eventually filled up.  The kids, if they wanted land to farm, had to move one valley up into the mountains, where the growing season, farming methods, etc. were a bit different.  They may have required a few wagonloads of food from home for the first few years, but they eventually figured it out, and filled that valley, too.  That pattern continued until the lifestyle in the highest valleys had no resemblance whatsoever to the lowest valleys, but by adapting to his environment, mankind throve. For mankind now, the “next valley up” is mobile living, using, at first, the free mobility provided by the sea, and learning to protect one another’s rights.  Fun fact: that has never been done by any government, and never will be. We already know how to build floating homes which use no fuel whatsoever, yet will go anywhere in the world there’s six feet of water and a decent wind.  These homes, in their current design, have 2,800 square feet (260 square meters) of living space, and more space which can be used for living, but would normally be for cargo or other applications.  They make all their own electricity and hot and cold fresh water, process all their own sewage and put out clean water, have walk-in refrigerators and freezers, carry multiple cars and truck in inboard bays, and can back up to a beach or boat launch to load or unload them.  They carry shoreboats in inboard bays, too, so when you’re anchored offshore, you can get in and out of your shoreboat inside, out of the weather, safe and dry.  They also have farm and garden space aboard so that, if you care to raise your own food, you can feed ten people every meal, including their morning coffee and the pepper on their pepper steak.  There’s room to expand that farm capability, too, if you’re that prolific. If you farm, we’re not talking about a huge time commitment, either.  You probably spend more time now earning the money for groceries than you’ll spend raising MUCH tastier, healthier food aboard your LifeYacht, with simple hydroponic gardens that use minerals extracted from seawater.  You’ll live longer, be healthier the whole time, and reach your sell-by date with everything working, barring some permanent injury. Mankind no longer adapts to his environment, but is bludgeoning it into submission with technology based on old, short-term ideas.  One technology, the railroad, is based on the width of two Roman war horses’ butts, believe it or don’t.  That one fact has put  a limit on its growth and power which this society has shown itself incapable of surpassing.  It’s a shame, too, because the railroad could be one of the most cost-effective and non-polluting forms of transportation there is. That’s why you start in the Terraformers.  If you don’t care enough about our world to spend some time cleaning up the mess, to which you contributed every time you bought anything in a plastic bottle, we aren’t terribly concerned with whether your descendants make it through the destruction ahead.  Does that sound harsh?  Those who don’t care about the mess enough to help clean it up are, in effect, declaring their approval of the destruction it has wrought.  Part of that destruction is hundreds of thousands of birds and marine animals which strike on pieces of plastic in the ocean, which look like shiny bait fish, fill their bellies with undigestible plastic, and then starve to death because they can no longer eat.  Look at the egret skeleton just to the right.  That’s how it died. Buy their pop or water in bottles, starve an egret to death.  Fair trade, eh?  Who’s harsh now? At the very least, they could donate to support the Terraformers’ work.  They’re setting out to clean the garbage out of the oceans.  All of them. NeoVikings adapt to their environment before they start to mold it gently to their wishes.  We love people and animals, and take care for both, and part of our thinking every step of the way is how to help our world thrive, no matter how many of us there are in it. Even though we know near-complete depopulation is coming, we wish it weren’t.  Most technologies that we really love, like computers, require markets measured in the billions to exist at all.  Building a microchip fabrication plant costs over a billion dollars, and for one to be built at all, much less function, there must be hundreds of other industries in existence, all of which sell only a tiny part of their produce to the chip plant builders.  Mass production is cheap, one-offs are expensive, or in the case of computer chips, practically impossible.  Computers and many other things are going to go away as the world is mostly depopulated. Can’t be helped.  We have to learn to live in the “next valley up.”  This valley’s been poisoned beyond any cure outside of letting it lie fallow for centuries and letting nature rebuild it, and that is going to happen, no matter what anyone does.  By “this valley,” we mean all the livable land masses and much of the atomsphere.  That’s why our LifeYachts are also capable of filtering the air that’s admitted inside them. NeoVikings are moving to the next valley up, after they spend a term of engagement as Terraformers, cleaning up this one.  You should join us.  The life you save may be your own. What’s a NeoViking? NeoVikings The Most Free of All Peoples Top of Page A Special Message From Charlie McGrath, Founder of Wide Awake News Reach Us At Our Commercial Division, Sun Direct Power, A Division of The Sea Lions Foundation 918/612-4090