NeoViking Peoples Once you’ve Launched from the Freedom Fleet, unless you sell your LifeYacht, you’re a NeoViking.  It’s a way of life, not a political group, social group, or any other group. While you were serving in the Terraformers, you found the people who think like you, with whom you want to go places and do things, raise your kids as a community, and go about your business in good company.  If you form some sort of society that decides to take a name, that will be a NeoViking Society.  If all those societies get along well enough, they’ll probably meet at a NeoViking Council or somesuch.  The point is, you’re not joining a society unless you choose to, and if you don’t care for the ones that already exist when you Launch, you can form your own or remain Independent. As a Terraformer, though you haven’t Launched yet, you’re free to call yourself a NeoViking if you wish.  Having joined the Terraformers is statement enough of your intentions and attitude. There are already Members of the Terraformers who have decided to form various Societies. The Society of Freeholders Also known as “The Partnership of Freeholders,” this society is a group of people who’ve signed a Compact with each other delineating their rights and granting each member the right to enforce the Compact, whether they were personally wronged by the violation or not.  They agree to not make any new laws (right and wrong don’t change, you know), and their Councils are filled by drawing names, not by political campaigns.  Once they’ve served on a given Council, they cannot serve on it again until they’ve served on all the other Councils.  There are no politics, and since they don’t make new laws, there’s not a lot of governing to do.  Right and wrong don’t change. Freeholders take training to prepare, and handle all the offices of governance themselves: Sheriff, Juror, Councillor, Clerk, and Soldier.  Every Freeholder has the right to write a ticket or make an arrest for a Violation of the Compact, and every such will be heard by a Jury.  Every Freeholder in the area of a Violation has their name put in the drawing for the Jury, and must serve, though they do get paid for their time.  Every Freeholder has a seat on the High Council, which they must attend three years out of five, and they must vote on every issue put to a vote.  Every Freeholder has a record book for recording facts such as the sale of a vessel, or the record of a Jury trial, and serves as a Clerk, and gets paid for it, whenever necessary.  Every Freeholder agrees to serve in the military for a certain percentage of his/her time, until Retirement, except when their name is drawn for the Military Council, during which time they are NOT in the military. Resolving disputes and serving in the military are the biggest pieces of Partnership business.  Juries conduct trials without judges; the Senior juror (the one with the most time as a Freeholder) serves as referee, much like a judge in America’s courts, but all jurors can question both sides, and the jury is picked by drawing names as well.  There’s no distinction between criminal and civil: either one Violated the Compact or they didn’t.  For Violations that can be settled in cash, like theft or bodily injury, the penalty is twice the damage.  There’s no multi-million-dollar awards or any such nonsense.  For Violations which cannot be settled in cash, like rape or murder, the penalty ranges from Banishment to Putting Ashore.  Banishment means, after a date set by the Jury, the Violator has no protection from the Freeholders, and if the Violator’s victim or any other Freeholder catches up to them and kills them, or whatever other vengeance they may take, they will not be held guilty.  Most Banished will make themselves scarce in a hurry, which is the point. Putting Ashore means that a Violator’s property is liquidated to pay for their trial (loser pays the Jury for their time, always), the remainder given to their victim or the victim’s heirs, and the Violator is Put Ashore.  If the Jury is feeling lenient, they will be Put Ashore somewhere that they speak the local language.  Otherwise, wherever is convenient will do.  If they’re seen at sea again, they’re treated as if they’d been Banished. Banishment and Putting Ashore are automatically appealed to the High Council, which must approve those Penalties before they can be exacted, or Reverse and Remand for a new trial. The High Council, which includes ALL Freeholders, sets military policy, such as, “defend all Freeholder vessels within this specific area against attack, and maintain patrols so as to be aware of all other naval and air presence in that area.”  The Military Council directs the military, so as to have civilian control over the military, always in accordance with the policy set by the High Council. Freeholders agree when they sign the Compact to serve a certain percentage of their time in the military.  The Military Council is composed of Freeholders in the senior twenty percent of all Freeholders, whose names are also drawn at random.  That way, it is always a cross-section of all Freeholders directing the military, so the hawks can’t angle for power and start aggressive wars, and the doves can’t weaken the military, because policy and strength and budget were set by the High Council. Interest-bearing debt is forbidden among the Freeholders, and the Freeholder Bank does not lend money, it makes investments, with no fixed payment required.  By creating equity rather than debt, wealth is created far faster than in debt-ridden societies, and everyone is taught to both invest, and to properly handle the investments of others. The rights of children, handicapped, Outsiders, and retired are all delineated in the Compact.  All these except Outsiders are considered, “Protected,” and have, for example, the right to be aided first in an emergency. The Sea Lions The Sea Lions are Christians who’ve formed a private Christian action organization, and they are the Founders of the Terraformers, the Freeholders, and the Freedom Fleet.  All NeoVikings came from their efforts. Working in 12 fleets, the Sea Lions go about the world doing things such as extracting and resettling slaves as free people, establishing infrastructure for Christians who want or need to be independent of the world system, disaster relief, establishing and operating orphanages, and other things. The Terraformers Even though one is, technically, not a full-fledged NeoViking until one has Launched from the Terraformers, the Terraformers are considered a NeoViking society. Terraformers are people who’ve taken time ouf of their lives to clean the world’s oceans, oxygenate the Black and Baltic seas, water the Sarara, and other projects. You’ll Have Choices, and You Won’t Be Alone Unless You Want To All NeoVikings start their journey to the stars by completing a term of service with the Terraformers, in order to earn their own LifeYacht.  Once they’ve done that, they’re Launched, with a really great party, and are full-fledged NeoVikings, free to go where they wish and do what they please.  At that point, they may apply for membership in any NeoViking society, or remain independent, or form their own.  It’s all up to them, which is the main point of the exercise. NeoVikings The Most Free of All Peoples Top of Page Reach Us At Our Commercial Division, Sun Direct Power, A Division of The Sea Lions Foundation 918/612-4090